Enter the World of Ganareth


Genesis of Living Things on Ganareth, or How Various Beings Came to Be (by Lystullbone, High Elf, Lecturer at the University of Al Drifa, Secrets of the Earth division)

Dark and Light kingdoms

In the beginning, the moon was one. Gothar had made this sphere to host Dragoon, the creature made of pure magic that he had ordered Neutra to create. A new primary essence radiated from the heart of the night star, magical ether. The nine races created by the Gods of Ganareth were able to get their magical powers from this Mana and live in harmony according to Gothar’s will.

The legend of Al-Drifa

Al-Drifa was born of the love affair between Sventiane, an Elf and Helebore, a famous man due to his talents for building. Like his mother, Al-Drifa became a fervent worshipper of Neutra. He inherited his builder’s skills from his father but these gifts were revealed only much later on.

The Ganheptameron Book

At a time when the world is getting ready to enter a new era, I was assailled by terrible doubts. Forty-five years have elapsed since the day when I discovered the first fragments of the Ganheptameron to which I was conducted rather haphazardly. I have not ceased ever since to travel the world, looking for the missing writings, some have come, I dare say, more, to me, than I have found them....